Debbie Lewis - Founder of The Train Station Durban

I focus on Functional Fitness Training that helps regular fitness enthusiasts, and sportsmen and women, to improve day-to-day biomechanics and sport related movement patterns, thereby constantly improving their levels of athletic competitiveness. I believe that the key to functioning at our optimum is by building a solid foundation through functional fitness.

As I have a HDip Ed specializing in Physical Education, as well as an ISSA Personal Trainers qualification, I have both knowledge and skills to assist with correct form and proper technique, enabling you to minimise, or avoid, injuries and achieve your goals. Through perseverance and consistency, anything is possible.

My life has revolved around sport and fitness since I can remember. I draw from many years of experience in the fitness and sports environment, having taught aerobics for years as well as my own weight training, triathlons, playing competitive hockey, and trail running. The latter years (18) of my sport career has been devoted to canoeing. In marathon canoeing, I have competed at 2 World Championships, medalling in both, and completed 17 Dusi Canoe Marathons.

If only back then I had been aware of the benefits of Functional Fitness. After multiple surgeries relating to years of pushing my body and not focusing on basic “pillar strength”, I can honestly say that through the “rehabilitation phases”, I have finally learnt why basic function fitness is the secret to success.